Thursday, March 6, 2014

Anastasia Contour Kit

Morning dolls! Hope everyone is having a good week, it's almost Friday so be excited for that! I just quickly wanted to mention the infamous Anastasia Contour kit, I've been trying to get my hands on this precious gem since it released, and it ALWAYS sells out quickly before I can even get to it! I don't tend to contour on a regular basis, but this would be a great addition to my makeup collection, it's the perfect kit with 3 shades of highlighters on the first row which are:
 -Vanilla, Banana, and Sand.

And the bottom row is all bronze contour colors:
 -Java, Fawn, and Havana

I've seen and heard that the palette is the perfect size, fit's great in your hands so it's not too big or bulky, and the pan sizes are a good size as well. Each pan is 3.0 g / 0.11 Oz. I think for the amount of product and variety it's priced perfectly. I've been an Anastasia fan for quite a while now, from what I've seen she puts out great products that really deliver and I admire that. So far I've tried out her Brow Wiz Eyebrow Pencil which I will mention in future posts, her eyebrow gel, eyebrow pencil, and eyebrow powder duo, and all are some favorite products of mine. I can't wait to try out more from her line. This contour palette has received excellent reviews on

Click here if you'd like a direct link,

I wish Sephora would get these in stock so I can actually swatch them personally, also not a big fan of online shopping, I hate the waiting game lol, but either way, I'm excited to try this product and cannot wait to get it, so Anastasia if you see my post, please release this palette soon, I'm waiting! LOL (wishful thinking).

Here are some swatches, image used from

All in all, I think this product looks amazing, it will work for all different skin tones which is great, if you are a makeup artist this would be great for your kit as well since there's different options to suite each skin tone, or just like me for the fans who love a good product and want to add it to their collection!
You can purchase it at
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What are your thoughts on this palette? If you own it, do you love it or not, or are you skipping out on this when it releases? Let me know in the comments! And don't forget to follow my blog if you like what you see!

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  1. That looks super handy. The second to last swatch looks like a perfect contouring color!

    Rosie@ A Delicate Rosie Beauty

    1. Totally agree Rosie! I can't wait until this palette releases again, I think it's a MUST have for anyone who contours! Are you looking to purchase it as well?