Thursday, March 20, 2014

ipsy March Glam Bag!

Good day dolls! Hope everyone is having a fab week thus far. In today’s post I wanted to mention ipsy. What is ipsy you ask??

Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription service that provides you with 4-5 products (usually makeup) for $10/month that are either deluxe sample-sized or full-sized.

There are various different monthly subscription services out there, such as GlossyBox, Birchbox, Sample Society to name a few. There are also different memberships for nail polishes, jewelry, and shoes, I’m not too familiar with any of those but we won’t be getting into those today anyway. I wanted to share my March glam bag and show some of the goodies you’re provided with when you sign up for a monthly subscription service.

Over a year ago I was originally a member of ipsy but due to changes in my personal life had to take a break from it, but I missed being a member of it and receiving my monthly “glam bag” if you will, because you receive some awesome products from all different brands in smaller sizes so it gives you a chance to truly try out a product before deciding on investing in a full size product which sometimes can be pricey depending on the product.

So, here are the products for March’s bag, along with swatches of everything. I’m excited to try everything out, but especially the lipstick because it doesn’t look like a color I already own, and it’s by Bare Minerals which I own no lip products by them, and the blue eyeliner.

This bag came with:

-NYX 3 eyeshadow palette in "Love in Rio"
-Bare Minerals lipstick in "Get Ready"
-Pixi Makeup Primer
-Chella Bleu Indigo Eyeliner

This is what this months bag looks like it's all about "vacation travel"
 Chella Bleu Indigo Eyeliner

 NYX Love in Rio Palette
 LOVE the bow detail on this palette, how cute is this??!
 Back of the description
 Gorgeous Neutral Colors in this palette
 Pixi Makeup Primer
 Bare Minerals "Get Ready" lipstick Swatches, Enjoy!

 Are you a member of ipsy? How do you love your glam bag?? Let me know in the comments! Till next time!




  1. I'm not subscribed to Ipsy, but I'd be happy with this content if I was :-)

  2. I have been seeing this bag everywhere! OMG I want one now lol Thank you for the review! And the sweet comment on my blog :)

    1. Aww no problem Nancy, and yes ipsy seems to be "it bag" as of lately, I also have seen it everywhere. I look forward to seeing more posts from you when you return from your blogcation:)

  3. Yes Melissa that's how I feel too, I'm very content with this months glam bag! Thanks for the comment:)

  4. What a great selection and variety of products! I've been keeping distance from these sample subscription boxes (if I start now, I won't be able to stop), but the ipsy one seems to offer such an amazing value!

    Stephanie | theFantasia

    1. LOL Stephanie that's the same trouble I am having because now I'm curious about venturing into other monthly subscriptions which=more trouble, so I'm trying hard to just stick with ipsy, I picked this one because it's mainly makeup products you receive at a great value.

  5. I really love the Bare Minerals lipstick. Its a gorgeous colour! The photo makes it seem red but the swatch shows more of a pink?

    Found You through the blog hop!

    Red Lips & Rosewater

    1. Hannah, I think it was the lighting of the Bare Minerals lipstick the reason that it's pulling reddish in the photo, because it definitely is not red, must of been the angle. Thanks for finding me on the blog hop, going to check out your blog now!:)