Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Youtube stars Nicole Guerrerio & Jaclyn Hill Meet & Greet!!

Good afternoon lovelies! I wanted to share this post because a few weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity of meeting youtube beauty guru's Nicole Guerrerio and Makeup artist Jaclyn Hill. They came to my local mall to do a meet and greet at Lush Cosmetics. I've been a fan of Nicole's for a LONGGGG time now, and found Jaclyn through watching Nicole's channel, but quickly grew to love her just as much, they both have AMAZING talent, and videos on youtube and are also both very funny. As soon as I heard word that these beautys were coming, I cleared my schedule and made sure that I was going to be available to meet them!

When I arrived at the mall, the line out the door of Lush was pretty long, but not horrible. Either way I didn't care I was waiting to meet them lol. Nicole arrived first with her boyfriend Jeremy, and I believe his sister who had a small baby in a stroller. Jaclyn arrived moments after and as soon as Nicole and Jaclyn laid eyes on each other they ran towards each other and hugged, lol it was cute! Shortly after because the event wasn't starting for another 20 mins or so, they first settled into Lush and took pictures with staff and with each other. Jaclyn's mom came with her as well, she is gorgeous!

Once the event started at 2pm, because the store is a small store the Lush staff were only allowing 5 people in at a time so it wouldn't be crowded and so you can really get some 1 on 1 time with the both of them. Finalllly what feels like forever and a day, I finally was able to get in. I was very nervous and not going to lie-felt starstruck LOL. I'm very shy and feel like I'm not a good conversation starter so while I was in line I was wondering what I was going to talk about to these girls. I asked them skincare questions about some concerns I have with my skin for both drugstore and high end recommendations. I had a few laughs with them and even got to take pictures with them. They are sooooo down to earth and funny, not stuck up or snotty in anyway like some people can be, once I started talking with them I felt like I had known them for years, which made me love them even more. Nicole is sooo tall OMG I felt like a midget next to her LOL she had heels on too, but beautiful inside and out none the less, their both even more beautiful inside and out in person. So enough babbling, here's a few pics I snapped while I was there, please don't mind my face I was nervous and it was EXTREMELY hot in that store so I look a bit red in the photo lol. I was also running errands earlier so I didn't get a chance to "glam up" if you will. Either way I am so happy and thankful I was able to be part of this event and I hope to meet them again one day soon!

Nicole arriving is pictured wearing a black floral dress, approaching Jaclyn


Jaclyn outside of my local mall;)
Nicole at my local gas station sharing her thank you's on her Instagram page;)

Did anyone else get the chance to attend this meet and greet with these 2 beautiful Guru's?? Has anyone ever met Nicole or Jaclyn at any events? Please share and let me know in the comments!



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